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Madhur Sugar 1Kg

Madhur Sugar 1Kg

appx. ₹44.00 1 kg
  • 5 kg appx. ₹220.00
  • In Stock

    Product Code: Madhur Sugar

    Madhur sugar is pure, hygienic and meets international standards. It is available in small and medium crystal sizes packed in 1kg and 5kg quantity. Madhur has brought together knowledge of sweetening passion to develop a product that is 'untouched by hand' for the consumers.

    Key Features Made from superior quality Sugarcane Refined, sparkling white and easy to dissolve sugar crystals Hygienically processed and does not contain sulphur Popularly used in the preparation of tea, coffee, halwa and other delectable dishes
    Brands Madhur
    Ingredients A sulphur free refining process ensures that the polished granules of sugar that you get still retain their natural properties so that they are the perfect health conscious additives to your food and beverages. This product is made entirely from a highly skilled and technical automated process which means that the product is hygienic to the core, and untouched by hand.
    How to Use Refined sugar is an everyday product that is used to sweeten tea, coffee and milk. It is also used in desserts, baked goodies, milkshakes and smoothies. It can be sprinkled over various puddings and curd as well. This everyday grain is one that we turn to for a variety of culinary uses.
    Quantity 1 kg

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