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Khobare/Dry Coconut 250Gm

Khobare/Dry Coconut 250Gm

appx. ₹60.00 250 g

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Product Code: Khobare/Dry Coconut

Dry coconuts are just that; dry. The milk within the coconut hardens as it matures and becomes the copra, or meat, of the coconut. After a coconut is first cracked the moisture content of the meat is roughly 50 percent and it contains around 30-40% oil.

Benefits Coconut is to stabilizing blood sugar, lowering cholesterol, healing, hydration and even replacing blood plasma in an emergency.
How to Use Dry coconut can be used to make oil. It can be used to make verity of sweet and dishes. .
Quantity 250 gm
Type Coconut

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