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Product Code: Salted Murmure

Puffed rice (rice murmure) refers to rice which are made by exploding cooked cereal from a pressure chamber, thus expanding the grain to several times its original size. The principle of the puffing process is heating the cereal, in a pressure chamber in presence of steam.

Benefits Murmure is a completely healthy and pure. When puffed rice is eaten along with fiber wealthy sprouts, it controls blood glucose fluctuations to a large amount. It is also used in making crunchy chikki balls which are a hit amongst kids.it is made from the rice which is grown organically
How to Use Puffed Rice is light and crispy; can be used for a variety of Indian Snacks at home.
Nutritional Facts (per 100 g) Calories-366 kcal Total Fat-1 g Sodium-80 g Carbohydrates-2g Fibre-0.12 g Protein-6 g Calcium-10 mg
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