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    Brand: Milkmade
    Product Code: Poha

    Aval Also Known As Compressed Rice Or Beaten Rice, As The Name Recommends Are Flakes Completed By Flattening Dehisced Rice. These Are Rigid, Bland-Tasting, White Grains That Make Softer And Tend To Swell Up To Twice Their Size When Soaked In Water. Avalakki Considered Strong Because It Doesn'T Include Any Cholesterol And Saturated Fat. With Less Sodium Content, Compressed Rice Is A Strong Choice Of Calorie. It Is Normally Used For Making Breakfast Dishes, Which Is Always A Strong Choice. Avalakki Is Usually Soaked In Water As They Soften And Can Be Inspired With Milk And Sugar Or Cooked To Create Poha, Desserts, Upma. It Can Also Be Fried To Create Delicious Snacks.

    Benefits It is a great snack for weight-watchers as it is cholesterol and fat free, also making them heart-healthy. It is easily digestible and filling making it light yet satisfying meals.
    How to Use poha is usually soaked in water as they soften and can be consumed with milk and sugar or cooked to make desserts, poha, upma. It can also be fried to make tasty snacks.

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