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Product Code: Sabudana

Sabudana is finished from the starch extracted from the pith (center) of the sago palm stems. Sabudana is a food which is full supply of energy and carbohydrates. It is take out from the center of sago palm stems in the form of starch. It is also well-known as tapioca pearls. It is very much low in protein but also low in fat. It is useful as an alternate in binding the dishes or making them thick.

Benefits Sabudana has high beneficiaries for sick people as a supplement providing enough energy to combat the weakness and ailments. It is used as one easily digestible non-irritating baby food, as well as a food in inflammatory cases
How to Use कमकुवतपणा आणि आजारांना सामोरे जाण्यासाठी पुरेशी उर्जा पुरवणारी परिशिष्ट म्हणून साबुदाणा आजारी लोकांसाठी उच्च लाभार्थी आहेत. हे सहजपणे पचण्याजोगे न चिडचिडे बाळाचे अन्न तसेच दाहक प्रकरणांमध्ये अन्न म्हणून वापरले जाते

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