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Vim Dish Wash Bar 300gm

Vim Dish Wash Bar 300gm

appx. ₹20.00 300 g

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Vim Lime Dishwash Bar is perfect to remove stains from soiled utensils, especially steel ones. The lime-scented bar leaves a refreshing smell behind which cuts through the stale stench of foods. Since 1885, Vim has been innovating and using natural ingredients such as lemon to add a new dimension to cleanliness and hygiene.

Brands Vim Vim Dishwash Bars & Powders
How to Use Step 1. Take a small amount of Vim Bar with a wet sponge scrubber Step 2. Use the green side of the scrubber for cooking vessels and the yellow side for dishes, tiffins and other utensils Step 3. Scrub to get a sparkling clean vessels with the refreshing fragrance of lemons Step 4. Drain the water around the bar to allow it lo last longer

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